Love Letter to The Public


Things come with age,and in this day-in-age everything feels like a phase.Or even a stage.A stage in stagnation or complete motivation.Or a stage in essence of performance and crowd pleasing.I'm sitting in levels of nostalgia as I look back at pictures that I've painted.Portraits I've created,Of self and other.Singular and plural. As another year passes, … Continue reading Love Letter to The Public

Walking Lotus

I’ve officially been far away from you long enough to regain my focus. They see me as a walking lotus. It’s hard to notice, or even harness the idea that I run with demons as pretty as me. Being with you I romanticized my power over them. Bleeds in the necessary to mention that, I … Continue reading Walking Lotus

Can You Protect Me?: Part 2

The least you can do is protect me.Especially if I don't let you sex me. There are thousands of queens like me:catching advances and still learning when to take real chances.Because we already live at risk.Live in fear and live in risk, susceptible to dying at the hands of both.Do you understand what it feels … Continue reading Can You Protect Me?: Part 2

Can You Protect Me?: Part 1

Lusting over me as you move away from your regrets.I can't even fully express how depressed it makes me when I realize you've sexualized my mind and body.Even down to my vitals. You tell me how long you will stay inside my guts.You tell me how long you've been waiting to taste me.Truth, all I … Continue reading Can You Protect Me?: Part 1


Today my thoughts are: "Not everything is as it seems.""Not every post has to radiate positivity.""Dreams are really telling." I've been sitting in depressive episodes just about all week. I say just about because there have been peaks of happiness, but the melancholiness that sits in my shadows continue to persist. I refrain from writing … Continue reading LA CAMPANA DE CRISTAL